Im not sure how this works (having never been tagged before)…but here it goes…oh and I can’t vouch for the truthfulness of any of these answers, perhaps their truthiness, but nothing more:

1) Name your favorite band and singer. (The singer can’t be from the band) The Miles Davis Quintet, 1955 version and Tom Waits.
2) Favorite historical politician (domestic)? (Historical = Dead) . Huey Long
3) Favorite historical politician (International)? Pope Alexander VI.
4) You’re giving a Hollywood pitch (25 words or less) about your Blog — GO: Uh…its like sex with a Malaysian prostitute , but not as sticky, but you do feel shame afterwards.
5) Other than where you live now, what city do you like? San Francisco.
6) Favorite modern politician? (In office now) Mike Gravel.
7) Are you a Wilsonian Idealist or Nixonian Realist in foreign policy? A Nixon apologist.
8. Favorite obscure movie?
a) Not Seen By Many but Mainstream: Joe Versus the Volcano.
b) Not Seen By Many but not Mainstream:Baraka
c) Independent Film: The Life of Brian
d) Foreign: Amores Perros

1. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 Years ago. Probably sitting in a bar somewhere on the West Coast
2. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 1 YEAR AGO. still recovering from the Sabres loss in the Conference Finals
3. FIVE SNACKS YOU ENJOY, squirrel, fried things, pocket lint, avocado, beer.
4. 5 SONGS TO WHICH YOU KNOW ALL THE LYRICS,Romeo is Bleeding (Tom Waits), Comfort Eagle (CAKE), London Calling (The Clash), I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan), Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead).
5. FIVE THINGS YOU DO IF YOU WERE A MILLIONAIRE…buy land, build a house, go into house, shut door, stay in house.
6. FIVE BAD HABITS, picking various things, internet porn, Nigerian email scams, poker, smoking.

7. FIVE THINGS YOU LIKE DOING: eating, reading, sleeping, games of chance, drinking of the beer
8. FIVE THINGS YOU WOULD NEVER WEAR AGAIN,polyester, briefs, wingtips, fedora, clown shoes.


One thought on “tag

  1. Hey you did this! Terrific. I’ve been out of town away for a few days…sorry I’m just catching up. I am going to put Comfort Eagle on today and listen and think of you.I might be inclined to do the same as you if I won a million dollars…is it different if you win or if you earned the mil? I wonder?

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