The following is clipped from Carolina Stompers a website that has given me much entertainment, some of it of the horror variety, the past few days.  Stop in and say hi, just don’t tell them you are a Liberal, or you will probably end up on some list for “re-education and containment”:

As I was pondering his words it occurred to me that more often than not the more plainly a person speaks, the better he articulates his feelings and conveys his thoughts. It also occurred to me that it takes a very small and selfish person so wrapped up in the perefection of grammar, style, and or dialect aka the vanity of their mind, that they can not see the forest for the trees.
It reminds me of a verse that says “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
Please listen to this young man, he has alot to say and I think it is absolutely worth hearing.images.jpe

She is referencing a “poem” that you can read here, along with the entire post.  While I am certainly not a grammar enthusiast, I at least understand that communication relies on clarity, which in the end, is what grammar is all about…unless of course if you believe it to be some sort of Liberal conspiracy.

wander around their site for awhile, and be sure to check out the forums…they are surely a bunch of true believers…


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