Franz Wright Responds to Bill Knott

As a reader of Bill Knott (his blog and before that his poetry), I have been somewhat unsure how to take his paranoid and self-pitying diatribes against a system that, whether he wants to admit it or not, he is very much apart of.  I mean I assumed he was joking, he has to be, as no one can be that self indulgently infantile, but apparently poet Franz Wright doesn’t see the tongue in the cheekiness and here is his response…I myself am going to stay on the fence still, and just assume that it is all a joke.

Quote removed by request


2 thoughts on “Franz Wright Responds to Bill Knott

  1. Bill Knott is my friend, and a poet I have great reverence for, and have since I was a teenager, and I wish this kind of mistake on my part–clearly, have my own mental disturbances–would not be perpetuated on the internet which has this imbecilic way of reviving old bullshit, Have a fucking heart and get rid of my stupid comment you have here floating around. Imbecilic plastic hive of evil, that is what this machine is always going to be. People used to keep journals and private diaries. Now they have blogs, and the horrifying idea of further destroying solitude, silence and privacy by writing with the idea of anyone in the world looking over your shoulder. I am sorry I ever participated in it, I hate it, and feel intense pity for those too young to know anything else.

  2. Since I don’t care and have no real inkling why I posted this to begin with (other than I thought it a rather erudite come back) I have removed it at your request. Tho I have no idea if you are or not the Franz Wright in question (and frankly I don’t care nor does it matter) but you can keep your pity, we are plenty stocked up here.

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