Everyone Loves pictures of Kitties…

so here are two of mine (Simon and Hank)




In Other News…

Iran now gay free. Which can only mean that right-wing Christian Americans will soon be flocking there to bask in the holy homo-free paradise that is Iran. My guess is that Iran is also lacking in illegal Mexican immigrants, Feminists and secular humanists. So is it only a matter of time before Pat Robertson declares Iran to be a Christian haven? We shall wait and see. Though this development may finally solve the question as to why Iran has produced no lavish Broadway-style musicals.

It takes all kinds…

There is apparently a whole subculture of people who think it’s their god given right to walk around in public places (esp. businesses) barefoot.  I myself have never given it much thought, really I never considered wearing socks and shoes to be all that oppressive (actually I love putting on a nice wool sock fresh from the dryer on a cold winters morn) but apparently these people do.  You have been warned, they take themselves very seriously (a comparison to Rosa Parks was made…yes that Rosa Parks) …I could say more, but really whats the point.


Funny because they are retarded (or think we are)


Medieval Paintings Explode Global Warming Myth! 

13 Sep 07

Climate science – and perhaps the definition of science itself – is in for an update, thanks to the tireless work of tobacco and oil industry apologist, Dr. S. Fred Singer.

Singer and his current writing buddy, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Dennis Avery, have discovered an artful argument to prove that we don’t have to worry about climate change. Specifically, they found thousands of museum paintings that portrayed sunnier skies during the Medieval Warming and more cloudiness during the Little Ice Age.”

Well, no wonder everyone is so nostalgic about Medieval times: the weather was better. Or, at the very least, the painters were more cheerful….

thanks to Shakesville for bringing this to our attention