It’s That Time of Year Again

I, like pretty much anyone who grew up in Western New York*, am a Bills fan.  Recent years have not been kind to the Bills (a seven year playoff drought) yet hope springs eternal, but that doesn’t mean I think they will end that drought this year…but you never know (I would be estatic if they finished 10-6).

I like J P Losman.  How many other NFL players majored in Classics in college?  His work in the Buffalo community is to be applauded, as he has really seemed to grasp the mentality (and some might say the inferiority complex) that is prevalent in Buffalo and WNY, and he seems to pride himself in lifting the community on his shoulders, and this one of the great things that professional sports can do for a community like Buffalo, that has been slowly dying for nearly a hundred years, yet it is still a vibrant community, and a community in the best sense of the word.  Known as the city of Good Neighbors it regularly earns that nickname as it is thrashed by weather, inept politicians, NAFTA, and the Curse of McKinley .  So once again Bill’s season is upon us, and hey know never know…

EDIT(12/4/07): Sorry JP, Long Live Trent Edwards! (a Stanford grad, whats not to like?)

*Here is a map, Buffalo is not a suburb of NYC, its a big state.


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