It takes all kinds…

There is apparently a whole subculture of people who think it’s their god given right to walk around in public places (esp. businesses) barefoot.  I myself have never given it much thought, really I never considered wearing socks and shoes to be all that oppressive (actually I love putting on a nice wool sock fresh from the dryer on a cold winters morn) but apparently these people do.  You have been warned, they take themselves very seriously (a comparison to Rosa Parks was made…yes that Rosa Parks) …I could say more, but really whats the point.



2 thoughts on “It takes all kinds…

  1. I saw lots of barefoot people on sidewalks in Asheville last week…it kind of gives me the gag response ina city…because of all the garbage and spit on the streets. Ugh. I like being barefoot on the beach, sand and swimming or on grass though.

    Hey…I wasn’t able to get my flight yesterday..spent extra hours at airport…but home safe and sound now.

    Thanks so much for getting together with me the other night…it was wonderful to meet you and your family in person. I totally want to go back to Asheville!!!

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