Something to do this Sunday

*I highly recommend attending this(both the reading and the workshop) if you are free. 

Sunday, October 28, 2007, at 2 p.m., Flood Fine Arts Gallery will host its monthly poetry reading at 2:00p.m., featuring Kathy Godfrey and Selah Saterstrom. In addition, Selah will be teaching a three hour poetry workshop on Saturday, October 27, at the gallery at 1:00 p.m. Here is Selah’s description of the workshop:

Using the mode of the question as a path of inquiry and allowing the logic of divination and chance operations to inform our experiments, this writing workshop seeks to engage with the parabolic and mysterious in the idioms of parable and mystery. By infesting our engagements with visual representations and by performing public acts of writing, we will explore the page as an installation space and wonder what it is that binds a book.

If you are interested in taking the workshop please Mark at 776-8438.

Selah Saterstrom is the author of The Meat and Spirit Plan and The Pink Institution [both published by Coffee House Press]. She co-curates SLAB PROJECTS, an artist/writer-curator initiative concerned with exploring the gaps between decay and reconstruction in storm or otherwise affected landscapes. Saterstrom is on faculty in the graduate program at the University of Denver, and Naropa.

Kathy Godfrey writes and teaches in Asheville. Her work has appeared locally in WNC Woman, Victoria Press, Intersections, and Blue Elephant. She is currently shopping two manuscripts around the world of publishing: Kudzu, a collection of poetry, essays and stories, and a novel .Godfrey has been a featured reader at the Fresh Air Reading Series, and Malaprops Bookstore.

Flood Gallery Fine Arts Center is located at 109 Roberts Street in the River Arts District of Asheville North Carolina. For more information, please contact Mark Prudowsky at or call 828-776-8438.


Spam (found poem?)

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If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now

I had gone out into the yard to watch them fall from the sky. I made no apologies for my curiosity.  Soon my neighbors joined me.  We stood together each in our own green universe watching as they fell out from the night and destroyed our homes. “Looks like trouble,” a man said to his wife. She pulled her bath-robe close around her neck and spat into the dirt. “I’ve seen it before,” she said “It don’t mean nothing.” Sometime after midnight the police arrived to investigate. They urged us all to go back inside, assuring us that if we ignored it, it would all go away.  No one listened. In the morning we sifted through the rumble, laying claim to bits and pieces of our former lives; our memories already fading. In the confusion I scavenged a banjo, some tube socks, and the wedding album of a Marge and Kevin Havlet.  I thought with this I could rebuild the neighborhood, and I knew the others felt the same. So we all set off in all directions, unburdened by memory.  One man whistling a tune. One man calling the rhythm.  Feet over dust, feet over dust.

Random Dude Moment #6

Walter Sobchak: Is this your homework, Larry? Is this your homework, Larry?
The Dude: Look, man…
Walter Sobchak: Dude, please? Is this your homework, Larry?
The Dude: Just ask him about the car.
Walter Sobchak: Is this yours, Larry? Is this your homework, Larry?
The Dude: Is that your car out front?
Walter Sobchak: Is this your homework, Larry?
The Dude: We know it’s his fucking homework! Where’s the fucking money, you little brat?
Walter Sobchak: Look, Larry. Have you ever heard of Vietnam?
The Dude: Oh, for Christ’s sake, Walter…
Walter Sobchak: You’re entering a world of pain, son. We know that this is your homework. We know that you stole a car.
The Dude: And the fucking money.
Walter Sobchak: And the fucking money. And, we know that this is your homework.
The Dude: They’re going to cut your dick off, Larry.
Walter Sobchak: You’re killing your father, Larry!