Instructions for Interpreting a Lucid Dream


First close all the windows in the house make sure the blinds are drawn shut as well. If your house or apartment does not have any windows or blinds you may skip this step, tho it is not recommended. Once this is accomplished you should sit down in the centre of a room, any room will suffice. If you have pets they should be properly secured in a separate room. Place your hands on your knees. Open your mouth. Dream. In the dream try to remain focused on the details: who is wearing what, what is the placement of objects in respect to other objects, any noises they you may hear. Does the dream involve flying? Flying is a metaphor for death. Death is a metaphor for rain. If it is raining in your sleep you should awake immediately. Any dream in which insects appear is disastrous. If you dream of a moon in which a man appears, and this man is in the process of being hanged, this is our dream and we will not allow you to dream it. Its meaning will remain hidden from you and will we come to you in your sleep to reclaim it.


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