Dear reader,

            The room you are in has no doors, no windows, and no light. You are in the dark. Below you is a chasm. Can you hear the water lapping at your feet? Disregard the voice as contrary to popular opinion it is not the voice of god, but the phone that has been left to ring; the echo is peculiar. Later someone will come in and fold you up and slip you into their pocket, but don’t worry about that now. For now worry about the prospect of being overrun by savages.

You are relatively sure that outside a storm is raging, or maybe it is the water passing under your feet. It doesn’t matter. A man is climbing a mountain and will soon enter the room; prepare for him by lying down on the bed.

            In times such as these it is best to prepare for the oncoming unknown by barricading yourself in the basement. Be sure to have a supply of oranges, a few tools that can double as weapons, the appropriate seeds which you will plant later, after the fog has lifted, to reintroduce civilization…


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