Happy New Year!

Whilst I am job hunting and internet poor amuse yourselves with the finest six minutes and 52 seconds of animation ever produced!



 Dispatch From An Unseen Island

A length of wire stretched across the known universe, the unknown universe is waiting to be cataloged. Soon the mail will arrive.  As I write this the rain is coming on too much already and the people are worried as to whether or not the stars will be able to keep their necks above the water. 

Temp Life

So I am unemployed again, just in time for the Holidays (serves my heathen soul right)…I applied for the job I had been doing for 6 months, only to lose out to someone who has never done that particular job before, yet has worked for the state for 15 years. So it is warming to the heart to know that my college degree means nothing when I am beaten out for a position by someone who collects things with butterflies on them. Am I bitter? Apparently so. On the bright side it is nice to be able to spend time with the family, and to know that I will never have to attend another staff lunch at J&S Cafeteria…



On a somewhat related note: How the fuck does this guy still have a job?


Another reason to burn down Wal-Mart

via Salon  

Creepy panties for the tweens on your list

In case you missed this: a Feministing reader visiting Walmart, presumably to gather evidence for the largest civil rights class-action suit in history, or to be refused Plan B, or to purchase the once-banned “Someday a Woman Will Be President” tee-shirt, snapped this photo of a pair of girls’ unmentionables for sale ($2.96) in the Juniors department. For those of you weary of clicking on links to photos depicting our culture’s creepy sexualization of girls, here’s the spoiler: the front of the underpants reads “Who needs credit cards…”.

Huh. “What were the rough drafts?” wondered Valley Girl Intelligentsia, offering the following suggestions:

“Can’t touch this without cash”

“You’ll have to pay my pimp first”

“I am not worried about fiscal responsibility because I have a vagina which allows me to entrance men to buy material goods for me”

“Hot Pocket”

Punctuation nerds puzzled by the ellipsis (“cards…”) will be relieved to know that yes, as blog commenters here and there have pointed out, the message continues on the back (that’s “back,” as in “comma, baby got”). There, it says “…when you have Santa Claus?”

Oh, that’s better. “Who needs credit cards … when you have a sugar daddy who SEES YOU WHEN YOU’RE SLEEPING?” At least that makes the items seasonal. And thus, ideally, gone by the first of next year.

— Lynn Harris