Douche-Bags (episode one)

This list is by no means comprehensive. If you feel your name is on this list erroneously then file your complaint here. If you feel that you would like to add a name to the list please feel free to contact us for a consideration of your proposed addition.

  • Thomas L. Friedman: He just is, and his books are folderol, and if you disagree you are probably a total douche yourself.
  • Carl Rove: For the sake of space I am including him as the token “Conservative Douche-bag”, but in truth I don’t see Carl as a real Conservative but as more of a nihilist with a shit-eating grin and a complete lack of morality.
  • Bill Maher: Smug douche-baggery is something a comedian can get away with, except that it requires said comedian to actually be funny.
  • Jimmy Buffett: He may or may not be a douche-bag, but this is a case of guilt by association. If you have ever encountered a”Parrot-head” you will surely agree.
  • Chris Matthews: No explanation needed.
  • Paddington Bear: You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. Total douche.
  • James Cameron: No talent hack, who has no idea that he is a no talent hack.

A Post of Great Import:

Old people, not having really anything else to do, congregate at the library; plentiful books on tape/CD, comfortable chairs, and a variety of free daily newspapers seem to be the general attraction.  This is in many ways a good thing, after all they are %50 of the general library demographic (the other %50 being children and people who need to use the internets…yes I lump them in the same group for a variety of reasons a) I don’t like things in threes, and b) they both are generally annoying).  However this position that they occupy has somehow lead them to the conclusion that they can do things in the library that most people couldn’t get away with, like farting for one.  Old people fart– sometimes with great intensity– in the library.  I really have no idea why this is, or why they seem to think it is  acceptable, yet I have encountered  it with enough frequency that I can no longer judge it to be an anomaly.  That’s all I have to say on the matter.