We certainly do not recommend that you try this at home (but if you do, let us know) but here is a recipe for Cock Ale (by request of Petulant) taken from Charlie Papazian’s Joy of Home Brewing 3rd edition. This makes ten us gallons, which is about 5 cases of beer, what anyone would do with 5 cases of Cock Ale is beyond my comprehension… Parboil the cock (the older the better), flay him, and stamp him in a stone mortar till his bones are broken (you must craw and gut him when you flay him). Then put the cock into 2 quarts of sack [16th cent. dry Spanish wine], and put into it 3 pounds of raisins of the sun stoned, [I don’t know what that means…maybe crushed?] some blades of mace, a few cloves; put all these into a canvas bag, and a little before you find the ale has done working, put the ale and bag together into a vessel; in a week or 9 days bottle it up, fill the bottles but just above the neck, and give it the same time to ripen as other ale. [at least 4 weeks]… this recipe doesn’t include any grains, hops or yeast (I am assuming it is relaying on wild yeasts, which are everywhere all the time always, and which I would highly recommend you do not use–unless you are in Belgium) So if I were to make this beer (shortly after they are ice skating in hell, no doubt) I would add the above ingredients to nice brown ale, hop the fuck out of it, and use a nice English Ale yeast.
Here are some pictures:

     picture-317.jpg picture-359.jpgpicture-370.jpg


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