After receiving your latest correspondence I immediately began the procedures that you recommended; with mixed results however. Though I must say I do not think that the outcomes were due in anyway to a flaw in your advised system, but rather to the invariable constant of chance. Also the weather here as been strangely apocalyptic which I believe may have influenced the procedures directly, or through me, produced some undesirable fluctuations.

As to the observations you asked that I make I can safely say that they were beneficial to the process. Who knew what strange and wondrous things hide just below the surface? The tip of the iceberg, so to speak, always leads one to the bulk of the matter hidden beneath. If only a process could be devised for simultaneous display of the seen/unseen! This is, I believe, where my talents are best directed going forward, and I plan to– if you desire such a relationship– keep you informed of all my findings.

In closing I would just like to add, that while I believe your process to be the work of genius, I do have a few suggestions for its refinement (if this advice is at all unwelcome, then please accept my apologies, but I do believe that you, like myself, are willing to put ego aside for the sake of the process, and that it is our mutual belief that the process itself will eventually reveal to us all that it seems to promise, and therefore any attempt to refine it–even if in the slightest of degrees– is on the whole a necessary step). I have enclosed the proposals on separate drafts which I hope that you can either add to directly (hence the drafts themselves have been prepared in #4 pencil lead w/mechanical pencil) or if you prefer to construct your own then that is certainly acceptable with me, as I have made copies (of my drafts only, and I have taken the proper security measures, which I will not–again for security reasons– divulge here, but they are commensurate with what you instructed in your original direction). Take care dear friend.








2 draft copies (look in the box. password  follows standard cryptographic formula)


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