competing narratives

I’ve begun the radical colonization of my left foot. The right goes to the highest bidder. Afterwards I shall float from one object lesson to another way to skein a cat. Surely, applied with care this is the best method for undoing the sun, which has always been fickle. Somehow you remain unconvinced, if somehow your objects are overblown, your entails undone, then think nothing of it. I for one am not one to judge a dog and pony show. I’ve more important things to undo, like this or not I’ve begun to suspect the rain which falls mainly on the plane. The cat wants back in. You should get up and let him back in.


One thought on “competing narratives

  1. The cat busy pickles and pampers the gall of frustrated angels.

    This calico cat indoctrinates each rabbit to crave an intestinal boulevard. This little kitty names herself surgeon and transplants the voice of a child into the third hirsute mister buttock. And so on with the culinary delights, this other black cat marinates voles in piquant saucy eyeballs compressed.

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