How You got here

Fevered asshole, I don’t know what it is, or what it refers to (other than the literal obviously–which sounds rather uncomfortable) but it was a search term that someone used to land here, at this very blog.  My innate sense of human curiosity has me intrigued; is it a condition? a sexual practice? a band? an insult? some internet lingo that I am unaware of? (if you have any notions feel free to send them along)…regardless I hope to work this new phrase into somewhere.  It is kind of fun to say: fevered asshole, like, you know Chuck when he gets going on something you can’t stop him, he’s got a fevered asshole or something.  Or, I was out the other night and I caught the last set of this band “The Fevered Asshole” you should really seek them out.  Or, Listen Doc,  it’s like I got a fevered asshole or something, and Preparation H just ain’t cutting it any more…


3 thoughts on “How You got here

  1. It’s easy to laugh when you don’t know anything. Ignorance is bliss indeed. I just hope karma spares you a case of what kept me from sitting for two solid years. “Fevered Asshole” in my experience is not a severe enough phrase for the agony one sufferes when one is suffering from…well, ferered asshole. Should be called Napalm Asshole, or Bunker Buster Asshole or, I Took A Shit and Out Popped Opra Whinfrey. You get the picture. In any case it ain’t pretty and the only thing that stopped me from jumping off a bridge was the look on my little boys face whenever I smacked him out of frustration. Which, I can tell you, was pretty damn often.

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