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Adamitism:Nakedness for religious reasons

Autolatry: Worship of oneself

Squassation: A form of punishment in which the victim had his arms tied, feet heavily weighted, and was jerked up and down on a rope.

Flabellum: A large fan carried by attendants to the Pope; or, a fan used tokeep flies away from the Communion wine.

Errhine: Made to be sniffed into the nose.

Barm: The froth on beer. Sometimes called fob.

Kakistocracy: Government by the worst people

Eidolism: Belief in ghosts

Cuspidor: The word that James Joyce singled out as the most beautiful in the English language.

No One


The expedition began in the toe.

The smallest of spaces made new again.

The place where you keep all your future deaths compacted.

No one was sure if we were winning the war or not,

all information was received via an accounting of the stars.
Better luck next time.

After reaching the summit we turned around and headed back down.
No one took any pictures, as the tremendous loss of life seemed to prevent it.
Later on someone remarked, but no one was listening.

The exile, in his solitude, composes letters on the bottom of his feet.

Soon someone will ask how we got here, and no one will return.

This should be guarded against.
Remember your oath.


Because this is not what it says it is, it is something different. No one knows what it is.


The opposition had taken the form of sleep. No one trusted their dreams.


No one is a response to nothing.


No one is here.

The Secret News

(stolen from George Carlin)

Here is the Secret News:

All people are afraid.

No one knows what they are doing.

Everything is getting worse.

Some people deserve to die.

Your money is worthless.

No one is properly dressed.

At least one of your children will disappoint you.

The system is rigged.

Your house will never be completely clean.

All teachers are incompetent.

There are people who really dislike you.

Nothing is as good as it seems.

Things don’t last.

No one is paying attention.

The country is dying.

God doesn’t care.


The Latest Novel

In The Latest Novel The Character Whose Name is a Vague Biblical Allusion meets Everyman. It is the turbulent 60’s and Everyman is from a well to do Northern Family while The Character Whose Name is a Vague Biblical Allusion is from a poor southern backwater town, but who nonetheless is wise and worldly. They meet at Exclusive West Coast University, and fall in love. They take part in The Struggle, become jaded, have numerous affairs and children, and divorce by the mid-seventies. Soon thereafter Everyman begins taking peyote and hanging out in SouthWestTown, looking to expand his consciousness, to throw off the chains of upbringing, and to seek The Nothingness. The Character Whose Name is a Vague Biblical Allusion moves back home with The Children and starts a school for MinorityGroup . The chapters alternate between perspectives. The Writer includes maps, hand drawings, pictures, and at about the middle of the book, begins to author single sentence chapters that are centered on the page to add a dash of Post-Modernist pastiche. The Character Whose Name is a Vague Biblical Allusion and Everyman struggle to find/make meaning in theirs lives with varied success. Their children grow to resent them both and rebel in various ways. Everyman eventually (after taking a 3 year trip to TibetNapalIndia and converting to ZenBuddhism) moves to Small Northwestern Canadian City and begins selling marijuana to cancer patients. Everyman makes peace with The Character Whose Name is a Vague Biblical Allusion, but not The Children, and dies after being run over by a car. The Character Whose Name is a Vague Biblical Allusion vows to never marry again, but has several long lasting fulfilling affairs with various gentlemen. The TownsPeople come to see her for advice and she becomes a bastion of TheCommunity, and after several unsuccessful tries she pens a novelized version of her life story, which quickly becomes a bestseller and propels her and her hard won homespun wisdom onto the talk show circuit, where she becomes an overnight success and is offered a talk show of her own (which she declines), as well as a lucrative book deal (which she accepts) and lives out her days in SmallEasternCoastalTown surrounded by cats.