People Different from You and I

I have been trying a new method of blogging lately¹. As of yet it does not have an official name, but Im sure it will be soon all the rage. I have begun to beam my blog posts directly into your cerebral cortex whilst you sleep. I hope you don’t mind, as it really is the best way to impart my deeply important wisdom that will soon (Jebus willing) usher the world into a new golden age of snarky goodness…so whilst you and I and a few select kitties are waiting for that to happen check out the video below (which I stole from Mr. Petulant) it made me laugh to beat the band…parts anyway. (oh, and it may be NSFW [depending upon whether or not you’re into that kind of thing] hey I don’t care if you are or you’re not I’m just saying…)

¹more on this soon.

4 thoughts on “People Different from You and I

  1. Hey I like the feeling of your blog posts being sent to directly to my brain…it feels all tingly!

    Hi how ya doing buddy? Long time no see…sorry I was awol for a while…

    good to catch up on your posts.


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