What’s that smell?

This is a question you should rarely, if ever, use your powers of deduction to deduce. But as I walked back into my “office” this past weekend (whilst in the beginning stages of a game of Civ IV) I noticed a rather pungent and offensive odor, and that my PC had turned itself off. My office also is home to a litter box or two, so I am used to the occasion strange odor. However this was different, it had that sweet sickly electrical quality that can only mean trouble, and alas trouble it was. After quickly replacing a power supply with no change a closer investigation revealed lovely scorch marks on the motherboard. So while I await a new one (and pray that my hard drives were not also fried) I am stuck using my wife’s iBook. I have nothing against Mac’s,(except this one button mouse thing…yeah yeah yeah I know every good Mac pretentious asshole aficionado uses shortcuts blah blah blah) So there, expect further delays in postings. And try not to be too upset about it.


Over/Under (the poets edition)

Overrated                       Under Rated

Robert Hass                           Dave Smith

Jorie Graham                          Philip Levine

Seamus Heaney                     Ted Berrigan

Billy Collins                           Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Robert Pinsky                        David Ignatow

W. B. Yeats                            Jack Spicer

Some Notes on the Life of Wernher von Braun

Wernher was the first to theorize the existence of Tang.

For a few short weeks in 1944 Wernher personally added 10% more love to each V-2 rocket launched toward London.

Wernher had the second largest collection of used human skulls in the western hemisphere.

Wernher enjoyed the occasional wine spritzer.

As a child Wernher dreamed of becoming a concert pianist, but at the age of 8 his dreams were dashed when his fingers were mangled in a beer hall putsch.

Wernher Von Braun’s real name was a state secret from 1945 until 1968.