What’s that smell?

This is a question you should rarely, if ever, use your powers of deduction to deduce. But as I walked back into my “office” this past weekend (whilst in the beginning stages of a game of Civ IV) I noticed a rather pungent and offensive odor, and that my PC had turned itself off. My office also is home to a litter box or two, so I am used to the occasion strange odor. However this was different, it had that sweet sickly electrical quality that can only mean trouble, and alas trouble it was. After quickly replacing a power supply with no change a closer investigation revealed lovely scorch marks on the motherboard. So while I await a new one (and pray that my hard drives were not also fried) I am stuck using my wife’s iBook. I have nothing against Mac’s,(except this one button mouse thing…yeah yeah yeah I know every good Mac pretentious asshole aficionado uses shortcuts blah blah blah) So there, expect further delays in postings. And try not to be too upset about it.

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