Christian Literature Jacket Blurbs Episode #1

Mercy &




A quest for Truth…

a search for Faith…

and the discovery of Love

on the American Prairie

YOUNG INEXPERIENCED evangelist’s assistant Mercy

Randolph suddenly finds herself alone and penniless

in a small Kansas town in the 1890s. As she tries to

preach to the uninterested townspeople, her spiritual

foundations are tested by a most unusual cardplaying

cowboy with an even more unusual name– Jeremiah


Challenged by their dialogue, Mercy must explore deep

within herself to discover her true convictions, while

Jeremiah deals with questions of belief he has never


Meanwhile, a vengeful troublemaker bent on murder

threatens whatever happiness Mercy and Eagleflight

hope to find.


2 thoughts on “Christian Literature Jacket Blurbs Episode #1

  1. This tale sounds too incredibly complicated. How many “true convictions” does poor Mercy unpeel, for instance, and does she end up spending much time in the slammer?

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