So I take it you’re not much of a reader…

This is the list of books Palin tried to have banned…

I have removed the list until I can verify its accuracy…for now go here


4 thoughts on “So I take it you’re not much of a reader…

  1. If you read the Times article, which doesn’t name books but describes her tactics, you might find them to be disturbingly familiar.

  2. Hmm…I hadn’t heard this one. I did find a quote of the librairian somewhere though. It sounds like she really was interested in removing some books, but didn’t say thetitles…?

    Great post. It’s hard to believe how extremist some of these politicians are isn’t it? I don’t even understand how they get so far immersed into politics with their extremists views. The late night comedy shows have been having a great time with this nomination…it’s like they don’t even have to do any writing just let the politicians do all the funny stuff!

    How are ya, I missed ya say hi to family for me thanks!

  3. Hey Candy,

    thanks for stopping by…I think most people are rubes, and that pretty much explains the popularity of the right-wing thug machine.

    Palin is dangerous, no two ways about it.

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