Just call me the Poor mans Rex Libris*

For the past 5 months or so I have had an on going struggle with an unknown library patron who has, for whatever reason–but I have my guess, taken it upon himself/herself to repeatedly hide this book:

It is not just this book, occasionally other sex-edish books are also hidden, but this one in particular.  Usually the unknown prude hides this book among other health books, but lately they have taken more extreme measures (moving it into the fiction and facing the spine inward).  So never fear teens I am on the job, your questions about boners, gonorrhea, and heavy petting will not go unanswered!  Tho if they do there is always this:

Click me**

* Rex Libris

* *having problems with the embed, so you will have to click.


5 thoughts on “Just call me the Poor mans Rex Libris*

  1. Bizarro.

    I don’t suppose the person is hiding it after having taken it to the bathroom for inspiration? Maybe you’ve noticed that de Sade’s Justine has been moved and hidden as well?

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