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The Scandal That Never Was

The Scandal That Never Was


The massive attention surrounding ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is as indicative of Republican and media racism as it is their class prejudice.  Much of this attention centers on John McCain’s attacks on the organization, which were voiced during the third Presidential debate.  McCain warned viewers that ACORN, which has endorsed Obama, is “on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history,” and “may be destroying the fabric of democracy.”  Those are pretty vigilant claims for someone with no evidence.

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Siderophobia– Fear of stars

Simity– The state of being pug-nosed

Pogonophobia– Morbid fear of beards.

Parasigmatism- The inability to pronounce the sound of the letter s.

Pule-To cry like a chicken.

Idioglossia- The invented speech of children who are closely related, used for private communication.

Thaasophobia- Fear of sitting.

Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat.

*anyone care to guess? (without the aid of google you cheater!)