• Nice Marmot has been added to The Atheist Blogroll. You can see the blogroll in my sidebar. The Atheist blogroll is a community building service provided free of charge to Atheist bloggers from around the world. If you would like to join, visit Mojoey at Deep Thoughts for more information.  I will add a side bar attesting to this event as soon as I figure out how to do so.
  • I wonder if it is possible for me to go through a day without seeing or reading something that doesn’t remind me of an episode of The Simpsons.  I wonder if there is a name for this? An offshoot of aphasia perhaps?
  • I’ve recently learned that nearly all of the surface (or readily available without advanced mining techniques) iron ore has been mined.  So if civilization ever takes a holiday (man made war ecological meteor gamma ray burst etc) we (or I should say they–the future us) would have no iron age (lets hope they reinvent recycling)…I’m waiting for the age of bone.
  • The names of Popeye’s four nephews are Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye, and Poopeye.  Now really, who would name their kid Poopeye?
  • The average lifespan of the African Brownnose Turtle is 127 years.
  • I have had this poem stuck in my head all morning.
  • I posted this comment in the Poetry is News is Poetry discussion on Facebook.
  • I only drank a half cup of coffee (well it is really a latte, but you don’t need to know that) this morning.
  • My slippers are rank.  (yes, I wear slippers around the house, and yes I call them slippers).
  • Windpipes are now grown in labs
  • There are only 62 days left until Bush leaves office.


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