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Eventually the pilgrims came down
From the mount, and we ate them
Cuz we were hungry and lazy
The night disappeared behind the earth
The sun like a black egg on the horizon
Shelia took it as a sign to undress and prepare
Herself for the coming of the next big thing.
We watched her as we gnawed on the
Bones of pilgrims

I had been forced to play a game of chess against the warden in front of the other inmates. If I won, we could all go home. If I lost, it was off to the firing squad. My immediate tactic was to stall. But the warden was a wily one, and he pressed the issue. The pawns were fingers and the queen was the wardens wife. I had her in my pocket, I knew he wouldn’t be able to take
The sun had turned everything a sodium/sulfur orange. We had been given instructions to search a field. One woman found a bone. Another an old shoe. The instructions arrive in the mail, and no one thinks anything of it.