Automatic 82

In an infinite universe distance is subjective.

The point being to place yourself at A and surmise that at some point

you will pass B.

Luckily while on your way to the store you will run into C who, after many years apart, still recognizes your face.

D is hidden deep in the furniture. E owns a small manufacturing concern that he operates from his basement.  F is really you from some distant point in your past. G understands death by entropy, and has already gone out to meet it. H is selling something. I keeps his hands behind his back. J wont be spoken of again. K is on the phone to L who secretly loves M. N has fallen off the map. O is underground looking for a tunnel out. P subscribes to too many magazines. Q is void. R is always hungry. S is waiting for it to end. T overcomes adversity to rise to great heights. U is always wrong. V is hanging by a thread. W doesn’t exist in the Latin. X is always on time. Y wants to give up. Z is constantly ending things.


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