Automatic #67

  • In the museum of Historical Oddities and Curiosities you can view _____’s angst in a ball jar screwed tight with a tattered blue ribbon tight around its neck
  • At night I sleep in a cocoon of old band-aids.  The blue light of the TV is not a dream but an instruction
  • But of what?
  • Something to stuff in the spaces in between, to lick fire out the mouths of babes
  • We are dramatically reducing our size
  • All our heroes are made of rain
  • I’m worried about the lack of heat
  • They say that’s the first thing to go
  • I want to stretch our exhaustion out, wrap it around us like a band
  • did I say exhaustion?
  • something is hidden beyond the doorway, you can see the light filtering in
  • someone is making shadow puppets in the back of your skull
  • don’t worry, there’s enough ruin to go around
  • specifically I was speaking of the intrigue of melancholy
  • sometimes you go for days without sight of land
  • someone is in the basement tunneling
  • I am feeling festive, are you feeling festive?
  • life is impossible without music
  • he couldn’t stop staring at her lips
  • what use is it if wont cure narcolepsy
  • the food had been prepared, the table set, the wine poured, but we couldn’t remember if we had invited the guests
  • His dream had always been to move out to the country and start a farm
  • She was far more complicated that her wardrobe indicated
  • I found a door in the woods I walked through it into still deeper woods. This went on for sometime: door, woods door, woods. I was beginning to suspect something
  • the plots became interchangeable after awhile
  • I couldn’t find you through all the smoke
  • the women were smuggling dynamite out of the camp in the fingernails
  • the landscaping is all wrong
  • I placed a yawn in the back of your throat.

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