Automatic #135


salvation gets tiring after awhile.

I just wanted to lie down in the bones of your memory, maybe walk around for a while

kick the tires

stretch out

get some work done.


Thanks to this fabulous new Mormon underwear unexplained erections are down 30 %.


I am a silence that tunnels forever

or a forest in which all the trees have been replaced with Bette Davis lookalikes…I can never remember which.

I once discovered a skull in my back yard. I was digging a hole to China, and there it was tucked in the dirt and ash. I was 8 and it was ancient.


Four is too hard.


the world needs more Hindu’s


You should be prepared for failure.


It all moves under the surface, or is understated.  Like that time you found yourself in Kansas for no particular reason. You knew you went to bed in New Hampshire, but you awoke in Kansas, and everything about you was Kansas.  Your Kansas hands, Your Kansas thighs, your Kansas lips…Oh, how I did want to explore Kansas.  But you know you, with your hunger for flying, and my fear, how you had moved on into deeper locals.  everything about became legend, I couldn’t even find you in the book. So I stayed behind and thought about that night in Kansas city, after the disaster, when everything reeked of smoke, rott, and blood, and I found you leaning there like a broken tree, and I tried to put you back together.  I tried and tired. Such a foul machine is love.

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