Happy Zombie Jesus Day!


Things to Read/Variousness

  • My favorite blog, and source for info is back up and running.  You should read it too: Petulant Rumblings
  • Man bites other man:
    Ruutu gets suspended two games. Lindy Ruff  (Sabres coach, guy in suit at the end) still funny.

…The idea that social harmony is dependent on strict systems to prevent and punish cheating individuals seems to apply to most successful societies…

  • The Yiddish Policemens Union will be adapted for the screen by the Coens.  The perfect fit.  As I was reading it I kept thinking to myself how the book would make a great Coen Brothers film…for now here’s Michael Chabon talking about the novel:

Some Signs That End Is Nigh.

While on my lunch break today (I take my lunch in my car.  I am an XM radio junkie) I noticed the truck parked next to me, albeit across two parking spaces in a nearly full lot,  had these dangling from its bumper.  I know what you’re  saying: “If we can’t put balls on our trucks, then the terrorists win!” But seriously, is this what we’ve come to? It has become socially acceptable to attach fake testicles to our vehicles?  What kind of person sees this product and thinks “Oh, yeah I need that.  I mean, I think people are pretty sure that I am a total douche, but ambiguity scares me.”  I just wish I had my camera…

And then there is this: Joe the Plumber goes to Israel. He’s going to be a “war correspondent” for some wing-nut website (huh?  they have correspondents now?) to find out what the average Joes in Israel think about godknowswhat.  I’m pretty sure the average Israeli will think of him the same way the average American does: schmuck.

I’m sure there are more signs out there, but I’m going to go get a drink and try to forget about the fake balls.


Things I Don’t Understand:

  • The Economy
  • German Porn
  • How “The World According to Jim” is still on TV
  • Popularity of Thomas Friedman
  • Christian themed novels about the Amish

Things I Don’t Want to Understand:

  • German Porn
  • People who watch “The World According to Jim”

This Person is back.

Im off to the playground, and perhaps to make up a batch of Xmas cookies.

Here’s a Poem:

My Work Among the Insects

The body of the lingerneedle is filled
with hemolymph unconstricted except
for a single dorsal vessel. A ventral
diaphragm bathes the organs of the head,

undulations drawing the fluid back through
tiny holes called ostia aided by the movement
of a Napoleon within each abdominal segment
pacing his Elba exile, muttering la Russie

la Russie as the snow squeaks beneath
his boots. All through the night
the temperature drops but no one
knows where the lingerneedle goes.

Yet it emerges each spring like
a baseball team. Gertrude Stein
may have been referring to this when
she wrote, A hurried heaving is a quartz

confinement, although what we normally think of
as referring is brought into question by her work.
A hive of white suching. At the time
of her death, she owned many valuable

paintings renowned for ugliness.
Gertrude Stein grew up in Oakland
but an Oakland as we know it not. No
plastic bags snagged in the trees. Semi-

automatics had yet to reach the fifth grade.
A person could stand in a field, naked
and singing. Sure, there was blood but
there were rags for wiping up the blood.

Deciduous trees, often confused by California
dimes, just bloom whenthehellever like how
people have sex in French movies. Here,
during the cool evenings and hot mid-days,

the mild winters and resistive texts,
the lingerneedle thrives. Upon the ruddy
live oak leaves appears its first instar,
spit-like but changing shortly to a messy lace

erupting into many-legged, heavy-winged
adults that want only to mate. Often in July,
one finds them collapsed in the tub, unable
to gain purchase on the porcelain that seems

to attract them mightily. It is best not
to make everything a metaphor of one’s own life
but many have pressed themselves against cool
and smooth, in love and doomed. Truly

the earth hurtles through the cosmos at
an alarming rate. Recent research suggests
a gummy discharge of the mating pair

has promise as an anti-coagulant. Please,
more money is needed. The sun sets. The air
turns chilly and full of jasmine.

–Dean Young