Things to Read/Variousness

  • My favorite blog, and source for info is back up and running.  You should read it too: Petulant Rumblings
  • Man bites other man:
    Ruutu gets suspended two games. Lindy Ruff  (Sabres coach, guy in suit at the end) still funny.

…The idea that social harmony is dependent on strict systems to prevent and punish cheating individuals seems to apply to most successful societies…

  • The Yiddish Policemens Union will be adapted for the screen by the Coens.  The perfect fit.  As I was reading it I kept thinking to myself how the book would make a great Coen Brothers film…for now here’s Michael Chabon talking about the novel:

Just call me the Poor mans Rex Libris*

For the past 5 months or so I have had an on going struggle with an unknown library patron who has, for whatever reason–but I have my guess, taken it upon himself/herself to repeatedly hide this book:

It is not just this book, occasionally other sex-edish books are also hidden, but this one in particular.  Usually the unknown prude hides this book among other health books, but lately they have taken more extreme measures (moving it into the fiction and facing the spine inward).  So never fear teens I am on the job, your questions about boners, gonorrhea, and heavy petting will not go unanswered!  Tho if they do there is always this:

Click me**

* Rex Libris

* *having problems with the embed, so you will have to click.

How You got here

Fevered asshole, I don’t know what it is, or what it refers to (other than the literal obviously–which sounds rather uncomfortable) but it was a search term that someone used to land here, at this very blog.  My innate sense of human curiosity has me intrigued; is it a condition? a sexual practice? a band? an insult? some internet lingo that I am unaware of? (if you have any notions feel free to send them along)…regardless I hope to work this new phrase into somewhere.  It is kind of fun to say: fevered asshole, like, you know Chuck when he gets going on something you can’t stop him, he’s got a fevered asshole or something.  Or, I was out the other night and I caught the last set of this band “The Fevered Asshole” you should really seek them out.  Or, Listen Doc,  it’s like I got a fevered asshole or something, and Preparation H just ain’t cutting it any more…

Ten Opinions in a Row*

  • I hate Radiohead.  Various people–some with respectable taste– keep telling me how great these guys are.  I don’t get it.
  • There are probably worse places in the world, but the emergency room of Mission Hospital at 2a.m. on a Sunday morning comes close.  Drunks, sociopaths, and general weirdness mixed with the order of booze and vomit and in a nearly in consolable 13 month old and you’ve got your basic recipe for hell on earth.
  • Speaking of Jesus; in the lobby of Sisters of Mercy Urgent Care in Asheville, there is a poster of Jesus scrubbing in to a surgery.  Apparently this poster is meant as some sort of inspirational/calming image to those who are there.  But, seriously, I know he is like all knowing and God and everything, but the dude hasn’t been on earth for nearly 2,000 years.  Medicine has made great advances in that time, not to mention the hygiene.  Do you really want someone whose idea of cleanliness is wipe with left hand, eat with right hand having a go with a vital organ?
  • WTF is with the reading of the Declaration of Independence by various NFL people before the (interminable) start of the Super Bowl?  I am all for the Declaration of Independence, but mixing it with the hyper-commercialism (and the latent Militarism) of the Super Bowl is just soooo fucking tacky.
  • Which is why the Stanley Cup (and Hockey in general) is a superior watch to the NFL.  There is none of this inflated pomp.  You have the Star-Spangled Banner Oh, Canada, then they drop the puck and go at it for a best of seven series in which the winner gets their names inscribed on a trophy of which there is only one (well there are actually two, but one is the real one and the other is one that travels to various places so the real one can be kept safe…but I digress) and it’s over 100 years old.
  • Nice Marmot has, after coming to the realization (which in truth we knew from the beginning) that Mike Gravel is not going to be the next president of the US, decided to endorse Barack Obama for President.  We encourage to follow our suit and contribute to the campaign in whatever manner you can.
  • I can’t get a good Rueben sandwich in this town.  something has to be done about that.

*ten is just a title