it was with equal parts fascination and horror that I watched the neighbors cat climb into the heights of the tree sneak up upon the birds nest there and paw out one by one three baby birds   they fluttered briefly then descended and met the grass with a thud that seemed larger then their bodies would indicate     the cat quickly descended the tree and set upon her prey    she looked back at me for a moment let out a stifled grumble and then when back to the business at hand



We certainly do not recommend that you try this at home (but if you do, let us know) but here is a recipe for Cock Ale (by request of Petulant) taken from Charlie Papazian’s Joy of Home Brewing 3rd edition. This makes ten us gallons, which is about 5 cases of beer, what anyone would do with 5 cases of Cock Ale is beyond my comprehension… Parboil the cock (the older the better), flay him, and stamp him in a stone mortar till his bones are broken (you must craw and gut him when you flay him). Then put the cock into 2 quarts of sack [16th cent. dry Spanish wine], and put into it 3 pounds of raisins of the sun stoned, [I don’t know what that means…maybe crushed?] some blades of mace, a few cloves; put all these into a canvas bag, and a little before you find the ale has done working, put the ale and bag together into a vessel; in a week or 9 days bottle it up, fill the bottles but just above the neck, and give it the same time to ripen as other ale. [at least 4 weeks]… this recipe doesn’t include any grains, hops or yeast (I am assuming it is relaying on wild yeasts, which are everywhere all the time always, and which I would highly recommend you do not use–unless you are in Belgium) So if I were to make this beer (shortly after they are ice skating in hell, no doubt) I would add the above ingredients to nice brown ale, hop the fuck out of it, and use a nice English Ale yeast.
Here are some pictures:

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