Some Signs That End Is Nigh.

While on my lunch break today (I take my lunch in my car.  I am an XM radio junkie) I noticed the truck parked next to me, albeit across two parking spaces in a nearly full lot,  had these dangling from its bumper.  I know what you’re  saying: “If we can’t put balls on our trucks, then the terrorists win!” But seriously, is this what we’ve come to? It has become socially acceptable to attach fake testicles to our vehicles?  What kind of person sees this product and thinks “Oh, yeah I need that.  I mean, I think people are pretty sure that I am a total douche, but ambiguity scares me.”  I just wish I had my camera…

And then there is this: Joe the Plumber goes to Israel. He’s going to be a “war correspondent” for some wing-nut website (huh?  they have correspondents now?) to find out what the average Joes in Israel think about godknowswhat.  I’m pretty sure the average Israeli will think of him the same way the average American does: schmuck.

I’m sure there are more signs out there, but I’m going to go get a drink and try to forget about the fake balls.

The Scandal That Never Was

The Scandal That Never Was


The massive attention surrounding ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is as indicative of Republican and media racism as it is their class prejudice.  Much of this attention centers on John McCain’s attacks on the organization, which were voiced during the third Presidential debate.  McCain warned viewers that ACORN, which has endorsed Obama, is “on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history,” and “may be destroying the fabric of democracy.”  Those are pretty vigilant claims for someone with no evidence.

read the rest here via Counterpunch.

Just call me the Poor mans Rex Libris*

For the past 5 months or so I have had an on going struggle with an unknown library patron who has, for whatever reason–but I have my guess, taken it upon himself/herself to repeatedly hide this book:

It is not just this book, occasionally other sex-edish books are also hidden, but this one in particular.  Usually the unknown prude hides this book among other health books, but lately they have taken more extreme measures (moving it into the fiction and facing the spine inward).  So never fear teens I am on the job, your questions about boners, gonorrhea, and heavy petting will not go unanswered!  Tho if they do there is always this:

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* Rex Libris

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